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Launched: 2021
Leader: Sawado Nshimyimana
Tel: +250 788 418 858
Email: sawadonshimiye@gmail.com

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Reaching Rwanda

Further partnering saw us launch a new Community Sports Team in Kigali, Rwanda in 2021.

Full of passionate volunteers from local churches, the Kigali CST has prayerfully begun to impact local communities and people groups through its engagement using various strategies. 

Soccer teams with a message, community tournaments and detached youth sport work as well feeding programmes and bible distribution to widows and poor families have been the nature thus far.

The team are doing a great job, but are in great need of sports equipment, bibles and additional funding to help support very poor people in their network and sphere of influence.  

Could you help?

Your praying, your giving or your serving or all three will help change lives. 
Contact us if Rwanda is on your heart.

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