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Launched: 2011
Leader: Archie Muchaka
Tel: +263772358113
Email: archiemuchaka@live.com

Partnering For Good

WSM partners with the Lungisani Foundation to help impact people in this precious country. There are sports ministry teams in 5 areas of the country facilitated by leader Archie Muchaka. 

The Lungisani Foundation is a ministry which exists to restore and enrich lives through Christ centered sport and play. The reason we do sports ministry is that our context (rural and urban) Zimbabwe is open to sport and play which makes it easy to engage communities to share the gospel disciple children, youth and families We also feel the call to equip disciple makers for the multiplication of contextual disciple makers (2 Timothy 2:2)

Key activities include:

- Schools Coaching & missions
- Community soccer teams
- Kids Games

A Changed Life…

“Promise Sibanda is a young man aged 16 years. He lost his father at the age of 12, Promise needed answers about his life and he struggled with his identity trying to find his purpose in life. Peer pressure made a huge impact in his life, this lead him to be disobedient to mother and grandmother. He was always on the streets also he skipped lessons at school. “I was forced to attend church and when the Pastor was preaching I didn’t understand what he was saying also I felt annoyed and displeased.” He said. Promise was introduced to the ministry by a friend who is part of the team and our weekly Discovery Bible Study group 2 years back. He now attends our sports programs daily and sharing the message of salvation to him saved him so much that he is now united with his mother. Now he also doing house work which he found difficult to do, he attends church regularly with his mother. Promise is a very good hardworking player with great individual skill. Prayer is now his first priority in his life and his calling is to encourage other youths to be prayerful.”

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amy lavery, 17/12/2019