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Launched: 2021
Leader: Moses Badda
Tel: +91 99638 26628
Email: mosesblmi@yahoo.com

India Time!

2021 enabled us to partner with precious people and begin a first Community Sports Team in India.

The team based in Andhra Pradesh, South East India have had to endure a tough beginning with strict Covid restrictions, and yet there is now a trained team reaching out into the community serving people groups and using sports and play to do so.

As you might expect, cricket features strongly as a strategy as well as 'Street Sports' and local soccer tournaments. These are starting to help bring the Kingdom of God into cultures and people-groups that might not experience it otherwise. Families are being engaged with and some of the poorest people are receiving practical help. 

The team long to lovingly impact many more people in it's community as well as to start like-minded teams elsewhere in the province and beyond. 


Could you help?

Your praying, your giving or your serving or all three will help change lives. 
Contact us if the nation of India is on your heart.